Annual Membership Information

What is an Annual Membership?

The Annual Membership option provides users a single password-based logon to use the TGIF database online. Membership rates vary depending on how many simultaneous users are desired. For U.S. residents, 95% of the membership fee may be tax-deductible as a contribution to the TIC Endowment. TIC memberships last for a calendar year beginning January 1. Users can specify if they wish membership to begin the following January 1. Membership forms received after September 1 can begin immediately and expire December 31 of the following year.

Annual Membership Rate Schedule
Number of Simultaneous Users Cost
1 Simultaneous User  $250
2 Simultaneous Users $425
3 Simultaneous Users $575
4 Simultaneous Users $700
5 Simultaneous Users $800

Annual Membership Form as a printable PDF


As a Turfgrass Information Center Annual Member, you receive:

  • The ability to search the TIC databases directly online
  • The use of all publicly-available and restricted-access full-text archives
  • The Sward, TIC's periodic e-newsletter
  • The knowledge that you are supporting the continued improvement of the collection, databases, and services of the Center!

Availability of the Annual Membership is limited to:

  • An individual acting on his/her own, or,
  • Organizational not-for-profits where all members of the group are of an associated profession, or,
  • A registered for-profit with access limited to paid employees of the firm.

Password and Access:

Annual Members must limit the availability of passwords for access as outlined above.  Passwords cannot be publicly posted online; and will be changed annually as a part of the renewal process.  Evidence of abuse of this arrangement will result in termination of access.  The designated contact as indicated for each annual membership will also be ultimately responsible for any extra-charge TIC services generated by users of those passwords.


Many professionals can now gain access to TGIF via organizational membership. Please check to see if you already have access to TGIF!

Individuals associated with academic institutions should use the Academic Membership category.

If any group, such as an organization or corporation, wishes to use IP or intranet-based means to provide access to TGIF, please see the Contributing Cooperator category. Final determination of organizational or corporate qualification for a multiple-user access arrangement is at the sole discretion of the Michigan State University Libraries.

If an entity wishes to make TGIF available to a defined population as a ‚Äėcustomer-benefit‚Äô, please email us to discuss your proposal.