Periodicals monitored by TIC

The first link below provides a list of the regularly monitored periodicals processed to build the TGIF database, both current as well as now-discontinued titles. These periodicals have or will have all of their issues selected exhaustively, but not all periodical titles in the database require exhaustive selection. For a complete list of all periodical titles within the TGIF database, see the very bottom link – but use caution, as there are about 3,700 titles!

All titles in the links below are selectively indexed, and normally exclude content not related to turf. In other words, not all articles in Crop Science are listed in TGIF, rather only those judged potentially relevant to turf science, turf culture, or turf professionals.

Please let us know if you see a title missing from the first link (i.e. one that we should be or should have been regularly monitoring) please let us know. Remember that we may not currently own a particular issue of any of these periodicals, particularly for older materials. You may be able to help us acquire issues we may not have. To see what we are missing, see our "needs" list.

Please note the following about the tables in the links below:

  • Each table will provide information on the journal’s title, publishing information, and SCODE, as well as journal title history and ISSN, if available.
  • Each periodical also includes the LEVEL of each serial, as classified by TIC. Click here for more information about LEVELS.
  • Searching for or within one specific periodical can be accomplished by using the SCODE as a limiter. Read more information on searching using SCODEs in TGIF Power Search.

If you are a publisher of any of these above titles, please feel free to use the following graphic in your publication: