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No Image Available[Jack Kolb applying an experimental snowmold control on the research plots, Toro Research Center, Toro Headquarters, Minnesota, 1953]1953 11 13W47
No Image AvailableViews as course plays6/1953
No Image Available[View from the middle endzone seats of the Rose Bowl field, California, with no people in sight, 1953]1953 10 14W19
No Image Available[Eb Steiniger viewing bunker on 15th Green, Pine Valley Golf Club, New Jersey, 1953]1953 09 18W483
No Image Available[View from tee to green of #11 hole on the North Course of the Los Angeles Country Club, 1953]1953 10 13W12
No Image Available[Three men looking over the newly established Hollywood Hills cemetery in Los Angeles, 1953]1953 10 14W27
No Image Available[Golf course superintendent Bill Beresford points out the spot on the green of the 12th hole at the Los Angeles Country Club where "LA Bent" was selected out of Seaside turf in 1941]1953 10 11W37
No Image Available[A group of men is a circle viewing turf on the inside track at Santa Anita Park racetrack, California, 1953, with the dirt track and the grandstand in the background, during a field day event]1953 10 13W66
No Image Available[The 1st Hole green, with surrounds, at the Sankaty Head Golf Club, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, 1953, with flag stick in hole]1953 09 16W108
No Image Available[Cal Gruber and Jack Kreuger view a fairy ring in a golf green at Sharon Woods Golf Course, Cincinatti, 1953]1953 07 22W149
No Image Available[Leaf mulch test plots at the Toro Research Center, Minnesota, in 1953]1953 05 05W175
No Image Available[Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass experimental plots established 7 weeks earlier Toro Research Center, Minnesota, 1953]1953 08 06W203
No Image Available[Warren Bidwell on a U-3 bermudagrass establishment plot at the Seaview Country Club, New Jersey, in 1953]1953 11 11W223
No Image Available[Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue used in a shady rough at the Lakeside Golf facility, 1953]1953 05 23W227
No Image Available[Tee to Green view of the 17th [12th] Hole at the Indian Creek Country Club, Florida, 1953]1953 04 17W229
No Image Available[Hole #11 approach and green at the Indian Creek Country Club, Florida, 1953, with Red Lawrence speaking with C. C. Shaw]1953 04 17W230
No Image Available[A large tee looking towards a green at the Indian Creek Country Club, Florida, 1953, with O. J. Noer viewing the puffy Tifton 57 surface]1953 04 17W232
No Image Available[Scotty McLaren using a line marker to apply lime to turf cutting research plots at the Toro Research Center in Minnesota, 1953]1953 07 07W330
No Image Available[Mid-range view of a Toro mower with a chrome moly front catcher bracket, 1953]1953 10 14W372
No Image Available[Golf course superintendent Arthur Anderson points out Colonial bentgrass on the green of Hole #6 at Brae Burn Country Club, Massachusetts, 1953]1953 04 06W388
No Image Available[Golf course superintendent Joe Valentine points out the spot just off the 17th Tee at the Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania where Merion Kentucky bluegrass was first selected for breeding purposes]1953 09 18W389
No Image Available[Eb Steiniger, in 1953, points to spot where Cohansey creeping bentgrass was selected for breeding at the Pine Valley Golf Club, New Jersey]1953 09 18W390
No Image Available[Two workers rake bermudagrass stolons out of a golf green collar in preparation for seeding ryegrass, Arizona Country Club, Phoenix, 1953]1953 10 16W520
No Image Available[Severely countoured golf green at the La Gorce Country Club, Miami Beach, 1953, with 3 men indicating elevation variations]1953 04 20W762
No Image Available[Attendees view turf research plots during the Texas Turf Association Field Day in Wichita Falls, 1953]1953 08 10W777
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