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No Image Available[Fred Grau and Bill Beresford on Alta fescue shoulder of green, Los Angeles Country Club, 1954]1954 10 04W1166
No Image Available[A 7 gang Toro Roughmaster mower with noisy, studded steel wheels, 1954]1954 04W961
No Image Available[Close-up view of Merion Kentucky bluegrass blades with rust]1954 08W824
No Image Available[Greenhouse view of turf samples in ceramic pots on bench, nitrogen fertilizer testing of Uramite types from Monsanto and Dupont, Penn State, 1954]1954 05 08W889
No Image Available[No. 15 tee at Overbrook in Pennsylvania in 1954, showing the contrast between brown bermudagrass in foreground and green bentgrass further away]1954 04W909
No Image Available[Mowing variations between rough, collar, and green on hole No. 9 at Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, 1954]1954 04W943
No Image Available[Golf course superintendent Leonard Strong at the Saucon Valley Country Club, Pennsylvania, compost pile in 1954]1954 04W974
No Image Available[Art and Carl Snyder on a bermudagrass nursery, Phoenix, 1954]1954 02 08W976
No Image Available[No. 17 green at Rolling Greens Golf Club in Pennsylvania in 1954, with the surface covered with wild cherry flower petals - "Snow in April"]1954 04W1041
No Image Available[Hole No. 7, and beyond, at Lehigh Valley Country Club, Pennsylvania, in 1954]April/1954W1048
No Image Available[View of the practice green, with 2 golfers, in front of the clubhouse of the Los Angeles Country Club, 1954]1954 07W1051
No Image Available[View of dormant bermudagrass campus turf at Oklahoma A&M, Stillwater, outside the Student Center in 1954, with a lone person walking on a sidewalk through the golden tan sward]1954 10W1101
No Image Available[View of Thunderbird golf course fairway with waterlogged manure visible across a wide swath of turf, 1954]1954 10 06W1121
No Image Available["Deeper than average" leaf mulch test plot being mowed by a rotary mower at the Toro Research Center, in Minnesota, in 1954]1954 11 10W1154
No Image Available[Six stooping men discuss turf conditions on a bermudagrass fairway at the Desert Inn Golf Club, Las Vegas, 1954]1954 10 01W1169
No Image Available[A Jacklin seed production field in Washington of Merion Kentucky bluegrass, 1954]1954 09W1180
No Image Available[Removal of bermudagrass encroaching into a bentgrass green at the Army-Navy Country Club in Virginia, 1954, by digging it out totally]1954 11 15W1343b
No Image Available[Chickweed growth in fairway turf at Kent Country Club in Michigan, 1954]1954 08 12W1345
No Image Available[Design - Note Poa annua on green at Minikahda Club, September 1954]09 1954W1958
No Image Available[Image of two men, "Joe Ferring & Bolmille," standing on golf green in front of golf hole, trees in the background at Kent Country Club in 1954.]1954 08 12W335
No Image Available[Image of two men and a boy, "Anderson & Jimmy," standing on turfgrass field at the Toro Research Center in 1954.]1954 08W336
No Image Available[Image of two men shaking hands on grass lawn in front of path, structure and trees in Sacramento in 1954.]1954 07W337
No Image Available[Image of turfgrass field with a variant strip of turfgrass growth at the Toro Research Center in 1954.]1954 02 11W433
No Image Available[Image of field of turfgrass in various states of growth at the Toro Research Center in 1954.]1954 04W444
No Image Available[Image of distant mountain, "Picacha Peak," a road, fence and field in a road in the foreground between Phoenix and Tucson in 1954.]1954 02 08W465
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