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Thumbnail: Bermuda PlotsBermuda Plots; Tifton Ga. 4/14/6904/14/196911959
Thumbnail: Otto & Hans Schmeiser with Charlie M.Otto + Hans Schmeiser with Charlie M; Tifton Ga. 4/14/6904/14/196911960
Thumbnail: Weed Control in ForegroundWeed Control In Foreground; Tifton Ga 4/14/6904/14/196911961
Thumbnail: Azalea Backdrop for plotsAzalea Backdrop For Plots; Tifton Ga. 4/14/6904/14/196911962
Thumbnail: New Jacobson Triplex greens MowerNew Jacobson Triplex Greens Mower; Tifton Ga. 4/14/6904/14/6911963
No Image AvailableIndian Creek Bermuda; Tifton Ga. 4/14/6904/14/196911964
Thumbnail: Orittomen WellsOrittomer Wells; Tifton Ga. 4/14/6904/14/196911965
Thumbnail: Meyer Zousia Poorin Early SpringMeyer Zoysia Poor In Early Spring; Tifton Ga. 4/14/6904/14/196911966
Thumbnail: Conf. Group hears Dr. BurtonConf. Group Hears Dr. Benton; Tifton Ga. 4/14/6904/14/196911967
Thumbnail: Parson & Mascaro check off Type Bermuda NewParsons + Mascaro check off Type Bermuda on a New Screen; Arvida Fla. 4/17/6904/17/196911968
Thumbnail: Muirhead Design Horseshoe TeeMuirhead Design Horseshoe Tee; Arvida C. Fla. 4/17/6904/17/196911969
Thumbnail: Muirhead Design Horseshoe TeeMuirhead Design Horseshoe Tee; Arvida C Fla 4/17/6904/17/196911970
Thumbnail: From G back toward TFrom Green Back Toward Tee; Arvida C. Fla 4/17/6904/17/196911971
Thumbnail: Water, Water EverywhereWater, Water Everywhere; Arvida C. Fla 4/17/6904/17/196911972
Thumbnail: Another water holeAnother Water Hole; Arvida Fla4/196911973
Thumbnail: Water on both sides of FWater on Both Sides of Fairway; ARvidac. Fla. 4/17/6904/17/196911974
Thumbnail: Carl Jacobs & Charlie MascaroCarl Jacobs + Charlie Mascaro; Westview Miami Fla 4/18/6904/18/196911975
Thumbnail: Grease Burn from Roller of Toro GreensmakeGrease Burn From Roller or Toro Greensmaker; Westview Miami Fla 4/18/6904/18/196911976
Thumbnail: Charlie M. checks poor cut from Toro 70"Charlie M. Checks Poor Cut From Toro 70"; Westview Miami Fla 4/18/6904/18/196911977
No Image AvailableFla. Trade Show4/196911978
Thumbnail: Group at Fla. Trade ShowGroup At Fla Trade Show; Orlando Fla. 4/24/6904/24/196911979
No Image AvailableToro Display at Trade Show4/196911980
Thumbnail: Tartan Turf changes colorTartan turf changes color; U of W Madison July 196907/196911981
Thumbnail: Tartan Turf changes colorTartan Turf Changes Color; U. of W. Madison 7/6907/196911982
No Image AvailableSeed Catches In Slit of Rogers Seeder; River Oaks Milw. 6/1/6906/01/196911983
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