Rapid Results Help

"Rapids Results " are ready-to-use search selections from the TGIF database. Rapid Results can be used to browse TGIF in four different ways: by specific turf-related topics in "Turf Topics", by the periodical, by the type of material, and by a feed of links to articles from sources that TIC classifies as "Refereed". Rapid Results can be accessed by logging into the TGIF database and choosing the "Rapid Results" tab.

Turf Topics emphasize current and more widely-available publications on a specific issue in turf culture or turf facility management. Listed below are the Turf Topics headings - all of which expand to contain a number of specific searches. Here, the "Turfgrasses" heading has been expanded to show depth of coverage, and "Breeding for Drought" has been linked as an example search. (Remember that any subject not listed as a Turf Topic can be searched in TGIF itself.)

  • Course Conditions/Diseases/Pests
  • Cultural Practices
  • Facility Management
  • People
  • Politics
  • Safety
  • Turfgrasses
    • Bermudagrasses - Ultradwarf Cultivars
    • Breeding for Drought
    • Kikuyugrass
    • Poa annua as Turf
    • Rooftop Turf
    • Seashore Paspalum - Since 2000
  • Turf Industry
  • Miscellaneous

Browse by Periodical provides 3 easy searches that display lists of periodicals that are systematically selected or intended to be selected for inclusion in the TGIF database, a list of other periodicals, and a list of all periodicals.

Browse by Material Types allow for quick searches by specific item-type. Listed below are the "Browse by Material Type" searches.

  • Blueprint
  • Club History Owned or Wanted
  • Editorial
  • Fiction
  • Humor
  • Interview
  • Obituary
  • Photo quiz
  • Poetry
  • Q & A
  • Registration Statement
  • Thesis/Dissertation
  • Video

Journals and Refereed Articles provides an XML feed of links to tables of recent articles with records added to the Turfgrass Information File (TGIF) database from sources TIC has classified as "Refereed".